Passion               +

Music is a lifelong pursuit, and our instructors all embody that pursuit.

Above all we aim to instill a lifelong passion for making music alone and with others.

Our studio consistently produces talent that interacts with a community of driven, expressive instructors.

Our students enjoy performing opportunities and other collaborative occasions to share their music with others in a casual environmnent.




FUN                =

Hailing from a spectrum of backgrounds, we work to impart our real-world experiences — starting with FUN and CREATIVITY. Yes, a student can write a song in the very first lesson!

We're also well-versed in a myriad of styles, and believe that no music should be discounted from the student's experience. Communicating through music bridges all cultural divides, and sparks genuine student interest.



Empowered Students 



Students at Village Music thrive with fine-tuned, supportive instruction based on their own capacity, needs and goals. Whether it's is to perform in a concert hall or simply pick up an instrument after years away, we validate students efforts to help them manifest their own goals and become independent, expressive musicians. 

We cultivate a environment that enables long-term success.